What goes into my mind?

Last week I was on the road, and I made a huge mistake: I forgot to load my phone up with shows and music. After losing internet connection in the air I was angry at myself, because I didn’t have anything “entertaining” with me to keep myself occupied for a few hours. Luckily I do have Audible with a bunch of business and motivational books, but I’ve heard all of those before… In fact I had listened to some of the books multiple times.

I was traveling for pleasure this time, and I really didn’t feel like listening to business books, but I had no choice, that’s all I had on my phone.

Finally I decided to re-listen one of Zig Ziglar’s recordings. He is somewhat entertaining at least. I had heard his audio recordings multiple times before, but I love his examples and stories.

His story about buying a computer for his business stood out to me this time. He explains how frustrated he was when the “darn thing” didn’t work, and messed up all the billing records of his company. Finally someone offered help to get this machine working, and explained to Zig that all he needs to get the computer working is to “change the input, and with it the output will change”.

After learning about this seemingly easy fix, Zig had a sudden clarity moment, and said that that’s what people need as well. He argues that all we need to change what we are and where we are [in life] is to change what goes into our minds.

In principle I agree whit Zig’s statement. I am self-conscious about what goes into my mind during the day, and sure thing, I consume a lot a crap.

Not too long ago a story broke out about Facebook experimenting with altering some user’s attitude by predominantly feeding them  either positive or negative posts. This experiment, however controversial, seems to validate Zig’s assertion: What goes into my mind will have an effect on what I am and where I am. And guess what? I do have some control over what goes into my mind.