Hackschooling makes me happy: Logan LaPlante at TEDx

I found this great TEDx video today by a kid where he talks about living a happy life through the principles of “Hacking” school/life.

This video made me question that if we can hack school, and make learning fun, and easy, THEN we should be able to “hack” the adult work-life as well.
I do not claim to have the answer, I do not have a magic list I could share with you that would make your life instantly happy.

After watching this video please take some time and think a little about your own unique situation. Wow could you hack your own life? If you came up with one or two great ideas, please share it with me. I think I should “hack” my life as well!

Here are the 8 core ideas to hacking life by Logan LaPlante:
1. Exercise
2. Diet & Nutrition
3. Time in Nature
4. Contribution &Service to others
5. Relationships
6. Recreations
7. Relaxation & Stress Management
8. Religion / Spirituality

Tax Freedom Day® 2013 is April 18, Five Days Later Than Last Year

What is Tax Freedom Day? (The explanation by taxfoundation.org)

“Tax Freedom Day is the day when the nation as a whole has earned enough money to pay its total tax bill for the year. A vivid, calendar based illustration of the cost of government, Tax Freedom Day divides all federal, state, and local taxes by the nation’s income. “

For information on your state, take a look at this picture below.

2013_taxfreedomday_bystateIn 2000 Americans paid on average of 33% of their income in taxes, making May 1, 2000 the latest Tax Freedom Day ever.

Source: http://taxfoundation.org

We don’t know yet when will the 2014 Tax Freedom Day be, but I know for sure that the only way to legally minimize your tax liability is through careful planning. We get a lot of tax planning questions in December, and often it is too late to change anything by then.

For example, you only have until March 15th to make an S-Corp election after the beginning of the year, after that you’ll have to wait another year to make this decision, and you could end up paying more in taxes than you need to.

Another way to keep taxes in check is through regular tax projection throughout the year. It will not only save you money, but will also help you better manage your firm!

I encourage you to grab the opportunity early in 2014, and start managing your business using accurate financial information. After all, what you measure, you can manage.