Hackschooling makes me happy: Logan LaPlante at TEDx

I found this great TEDx video today by a kid where he talks about living a happy life through the principles of “Hacking” school/life.

This video made me question that if we can hack school, and make learning fun, and easy, THEN we should be able to “hack” the adult work-life as well.
I do not claim to have the answer, I do not have a magic list I could share with you that would make your life instantly happy.

After watching this video please take some time and think a little about your own unique situation. Wow could you hack your own life? If you came up with one or two great ideas, please share it with me. I think I should “hack” my life as well!

Here are the 8 core ideas to hacking life by Logan LaPlante:
1. Exercise
2. Diet & Nutrition
3. Time in Nature
4. Contribution &Service to others
5. Relationships
6. Recreations
7. Relaxation & Stress Management
8. Religion / Spirituality

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