Why did I start this blog?

So why did I stat this blog? That’s a great question I had to answer to myself first. I wanted to start writing for my own benefit first, I wanna get better at writing and expressing myself.

I do NOT want to lecture any of you about the topics I plan to write about. I’m not an expert in photography, nor an inspirational speaker, but I choose the 3 main topic that generally interest me:

1. Photography – As I mentioned above I’m definitely not an expert in the area, and I do not intend to create a instructional or “How To” website. I merely want to share my experiences as well as keep myself motivated to take lots of picture. I found that sharing some of my pictures keeps me motivated, so there will be lots of pictures and videos!

2. Inspirational stuff – there are a ton of websites full of inspirational quotes, and picture out there. This blog will NOT be one of those. I plan to write and share things that inspires me without spamming, after all, I’m not looking for clicks and ad money.

3. Business & Economy – I’m a CPA in Ohio, and I help small law firms and service type firms navigate the financial and tax world. So by default I’m interested in issues that affect small businesses. I won’t bore you with long accounting and finance lectures, you can take an accounting course for that 🙂  I believe in “what you measure, you can manage”, and if you are interested in this topic, or you have a small business yourself, check out the “Business” section of my blog, I’ll share some tips and best practices that will help you better manage your business.

So this is why I started this blog, mainly to improve my writing skills and share what interest me along the way. Hope you’ll find some of it interesting!

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